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Applied Benchmarking      — EPA/DOE Energy Star
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     — Asia Pacific Commercial
     — Iowa K-12 Schools
     — Colorado K-12 Schools
     — Florida K-12 Schools
     — Vermont K-12 Schools
     — Massachusetts K-12
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Benchmark Your Building

You will need:
  • 12 months of utility bills for each fuel used
  • your building's gross floor area
Step 1: Determine annual use of each fuel by summing monthly utility bills.

Step 2: Determine total annual energy use of all fuels and energy use intensity of your building.

[Use "Total Energy Use Worksheet". Print worksheet for easy desktop calculating or download Excel form for automatic calculating.]

Step 3: Using your EUI, determine the percent of similar buildings more efficient than yours from your regional distribution.

[Use "Select Building Type and Benchmark".]