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Applied Benchmarking      — EPA/DOE Energy Star
     — Wisconsin Multi-Family
     — Asia Pacific Commercial
     — Iowa K-12 Schools
     — Colorado K-12 Schools
     — Florida K-12 Schools
     — Vermont K-12 Schools
     — Massachusetts K-12
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Benchmarking Building Energy Performance

This website allows you to:

  1. Quickly benchmark your building's energy performance (a rating).
  2. Approximate energy use and cost savings from building energy upgrades.

You can benchmark these 16 building types:

Health care (inpatient)1
Food service
Food sales
Skilled nursing
K-12 Schools1
Public assembly1
Health care (outpatient)
Educational (all)1
Parking garage
Mercantile and service1
Warehouse (non-refrigerated)
Warehouse (refrigerated)
Public order and safety
1Regional "close-to-home" distribution provided for this building type. National distributions provided for others.

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Last update: February 24, 2006