BCHP Screening Tool Program Installation

ORNL developed the BCHP Screening Tool for evaluations of combined cooling,
heating, and power systems in commercial buildings.

BCHP Screening Tool development was originally sponsored by the US
Department of Energy's Distributed Energy Program. The program website
can currently be found at:


Version 1.2 of the BCHP Screening Tool was developed based on the
DoeRayMe program of GARD Analytics in Park Ridge, IL, and was an
extensive enhancement of DoeRayMe. The underlying DoeRayMe
technology is distributed by ORNL free of charge under license from
GARD Analytics.

Version 2 of The BCHP Screening Tool is a significant ehnagcement of
Version 1.2, and consists of the executable program, databases for HVAC
equipment, electric generators, thermal storage systems, prototypical commercial
buildings, climate data, and electric and gas utility rates. The program runs
DOE2.1e in the background to calculate heating, cooling, and electrical loads
and the Rate Script Editor to calculate monthly and annual utility costs. The
tool is structured to perform parametric analyses between a baseline building
and up to 25 alternative scenarios.


last revised:     October 15, 2007