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MF CHP Level 2 Tool, Beta 3

Promoting the use of combined heat and power (CHP) (cogeneration) in multifamily housing is an initiative of the HUD Energy Action Plan. To help implement it, beginning in 2003 the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Energy/Oak Ridge National Laboratory (DOE/ORNL), executed Interagency Agreements (IAA) to create feasibility screening software. ORNL created, expanded, and validated a Level 1 preliminary screening tool (http://eber.ed.ornl.gov/HUD_CHP_Guide_version_2.1/) that enables the owners of multifamily housing to consider the feasibility (cost, savings and paybacks) for installing CHP. HUD gave training and promoted its use by HUD staff, housing associations, and building managers. In May 2010 ORNL created for HUD a more detailed Level 2 Multifamily CHP Analysis Tool (MF CHP) that adapts the Building, Heating, Cooling, Power (BCHP) tool used for the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) for use on multifamily buildings.

The current working beta version (beta 3) was completed in May 2010, and can be downloaded. Administrator privileges are required to install this beta 3 tool.

a)       Download 24 MB program installation file

b)       Download 110 MB zip file of DOE-2 documentation

c)       Download Draft Users Manual

d)       CHP Analysis Training

The MF CHP Level 2 Analysis Tool is structured to perform parametric analyses between a baseline building, typically a conventional building without a CHP system, and up to 25 alternative scenarios with varying selections for building mechanical systems and operating schedules. Current version Beta version has only standard (or blended) single utility rate for electricity ($/kWh), and Natural Gas ($/Therm). Users are asked to input the rate directly. If user needs to do the calculation based on complex utility rates (e.g., peak demand, block charge, etc.), the hourly or monthly energy use can be generated from the tool, and the utility cost can be calculated outside of the toolkit using spreadsheet, etc.

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